Is there a warranty?

Yes, Silver-Line has a standard warranty that varies by product. Please click on the following link to view/print. Standard Warranty

Where can I find additional safety and installation information?

Please visit PPFA (Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association).


Where can I use CPVC?

Copper tube size (CTS) CPVC is designed for use in hot-and-cold water distribution systems. CPVC systems are ideal for all potable water piping requirements in typical residential (single and multi-family), motel/hotel, mobile home, manufactured housing, light commercial, and institutional structures.

What is the thermal expansion rate for CPVC and how can I allow for expansion and contraction when installing?

CPVC piping will expand about 4 inches per 100 feet with a 100°F temperature change.

Additional information can be found on PPFA website. CPVC Installation Handbook


What is the difference between IPS and CTS polyethylene?

Polyethylene IPS is manufactured to have a controlled inside diameter that utilizes barbed insert fittings (can be made of PVC, brass, or stainless steel to avoid corrosion problems) with the fitting held together by using stainless steel hose clamps.

Polyethylene CTS tubing is manufactured to have a controlled outside diameter that utilizes a compression style fitting.

Where can I find fittings for HDPE pipe?

Note: The fitting manufacturers listed below are for informational purposes only and is not an extensive list. This does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of their products.

All of our SIDR (ASTM D2239) pipe is ID-controlled and typically uses barbed insert fittings. Plastic barb insert fittings are manufactured Lasco, Spears, and Genova. Some well pumps supply houses carry brass and stainless steel barbed fittings that work with our SIDR pipe. There are brass compression fittings made for SIDR 7 pipe by AY McDonald and Ford Meter Box.

Our Copper Tube Sized (CTS) SDR-9 tubing conforms to ASTM D2737 and is OD-controlled. It typically uses brass compression fittings which are available from Mueller, AY McDonald, and Ford Meter Box. Compression fittings require the use of a “stiffener” which is available from the compression fitting manufacturer.

Pipe that is produced to the ASTM D-3035 is OD-controlled and offered primarily in the DR-11 configuration.  This pipe primarily uses heat fused fittings which are either butt fused or socket (electro) fused.   The are some mechanical compression style fitting available from Mueller, AY McDonald, and Ford Meter Box .